February 6 - 9 and 13 - 16, 2014


Thanks for a great festival!



Dear festival attendees, staff and filmmakers,


        The twelfth Central Michigan International Film Festival ended on February 16 with tired but happy staff members and what appeared to be enthusiastic moviegoers.  We had nearly 800 admissions to this year’s festival and quite a few people bought Film Society/Film Festival t-shirts there to proclaim their enthusiasm, get unlimited individual admission to films (or maybe just to use as another layer of clothing to keep out the cold). This was the first time we sold t-shirts at the festival and also the first time we had to deal with such bitter cold weather (although we have had snow during previous festivals too).


         Now comes the time to thank everyone who helped to make the festival a success.  First of all, the

The Central Michigan International Film Festival is organized by the Central Michigan University School of Broadcast and Cinematic Arts and the CMU Film Society.  Our co-sponsors include:


Celebration! Cinema

CMU Libraries

CMU College of Communication and Fine Arts

CMU Office of Institutional Diversity

Pleasant Graphics, Inc.

Central Michigan Life

The Tournées Festival 

(The Tournées Festival was made possible with the support of the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the US and the Centre National de la Cinématographie et de l’Image Animée.)



As most people close to the festival know, our screenings are staffed by Film Society volunteers who

are recruited and organized by Erin Woirol. This year our student volunteers included:


Amanda Brancecum

Derek Brueck

Alex Carter

Alex Carriere

Mirajah Cruz

Lauren Culver

Colleen Dluzynski

Sarah Gallaher

Zachary Heller

Deanna Johnson

Kelsey Kolich

Samantha Loomis

Eliza McGowan

Alisha McNeely

Davis Nixon

Kirk Ostojic

Raven Peterson

Matthew Poindexter

Kaleigh Respecki

Allison Sawicki

Dani Stafford

Sara Sienkiewicz

Cody Williams

Caitlin Willson

Erin Woirol

          We hope you will join us for next year’s festival.  In the meantime, if you have films to suggest or (even

better) films to submit, please send an e-mail to me at




                                                                                                  Mark Poindexter,

                                                                                                  Professor, Broadcast and Cinematic Arts

                                                                                                  Director, Central Michigan International Film Festival

                                                                                                  Central Michigan University



Festival Executive Staff

     Director: Dr. Mark Poindexter (Professor, CMU School of Broadcast and Cinematic Arts)

     CMU Film Society Officers: Davis Nixon, President; Alisha Harper, Vice-President; Deanna Johnson and Erin Woirol, Promotions Managers; Daniel Stafford, Fundraising Officer.

     Consultants: Darcy Orlik (Events Coordinator, College of Communication and Fine Arts); Stephanie Mathson (Instruction/Reference Librarian, CMU Libraries)

     Logo Design: Nicole Shackelford

On-Screen Credits in Theatres: Matthew Poindexter

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